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FC Kongo!

The KONGO Gym is an athletic training facility for young athletes to grow and develop. We offer speed, strength, agility, and diet plans for every sport and age group.

The Kongo Gym has been training athletes for the last 4 years. We have sent over 40 athletes to college in 6 different sports. The KONGO Gym has now expanded into youth competitive sports! Currently KONGO has 11 basketball teams, 2 baseball teams, and is in the process of starting a football program.

We are excited to announce our newest club team FC KONGO. We will be incorporating youth soccer into our multi sport program.

FC Kongo Intro

Our mission as a club and a multi sport program is to give kids the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of athletics.

Here at KONGO we feel kids deserve to be multi sport athletes and not have to pick only one at a young age. We will be working with our basketball, baseball, and football coaches to develop a program where kids can play and succeed in multiple sports in a specific season.

FC Kongo Intro

FC KONGO will pride itself on developing each and every athletes skill to the best of their ability.

We will do this by having the best coaches, trainers, and skill development coaches we can find. Along with player development FC KONGO will teach kids the importance of team and being coachable. All of our teams have access to our speed and agility programs and facilities for winter use. We are excited to move forward with developing our multi sport organization and hoping you become part of it.

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